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Help shape the future of Ethernet WAN services

Apr 14, 20047 mins
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Here’s your chance to help shape the development of Ethernet WAN services. At the Networld+Interop show in May, Network World  and the Metro Ethernet Forum will co-host a customer roundtable on metropolitan Ethernet services. If you’re attending N+I, and are involved in setting your organization’s WAN strategy and budget, we’d like to invite you to participate in the roundtable. Even if you’re not planning to attend the show, we’d love to hear your views about Ethernet in the WAN and what you’re looking for from service providers. For more information and who you should contact, click here: .


Data recovery rules at storage show, 04/12/04

The problem isn’t really about backing up data, it has more to do with recovering it. That was the word from last week’s Storage Networking World conference in Phoenix, which show organizers said 2,500 people attended.


Wireless grabs spotlight at Spring VON, 04/05/04

The combination of VoIP over Wi-Fi and traditional cellular phone services made a splash at last week’s Spring VON 2004 conference, although observers say key obstacles need to be cleared before companies realize promised costs savings from using these technologies in tandem.

VoIP is cool, 04/07/04

VoIP took center stage at last week’s Voice on the Net (VON) show in Santa Clara. AT&T and Level 3  rolled out residential VoIP services; and then AT&T was summarily sued by Vonage over naming rights to its service.


Wireless networking is among the hot topics that will be debated at this year’s N+I show to be held in Las Vegas on May 9-14. The show will play host to a 3-day conference dedicated to wireless issues that will include an in-depth look at wireless LAN access security as part of the iLabs testing series, done in association with Network World.

N+I’s eNet, the show’s network built from scratch by 12 IT vendors, will also feature wireless capabilities. Aruba Wireless Networks will lead the eNet wireless focus, providing 802.11 Wi-Fi switches, access points, air monitors and wireless security capabilities. The system will be used for centralized control, RF management and security of the 802.11a+b/g infrastructure.

Also at the show will be a Secure Sockets Layer VPN Pavilion, which will feature booths sponsored by seven of the SSL vendors as well as its own calendar of presentations by the vendors and other industry experts.

The list could grow, but so far, Aventail, AEP, Caveo, Check Point, Netscaler, Permeo and Whole Security have signed up for booths at the pavilion. Other vendors – Cisco, Nortel, F5, NetScreen (Juniper) – will be at the show as well but so far have not signed up to be in the SSL VPN Pavilion.

Topics for the education sessions include: SSL vs. IPSec; total cost of ownership of SSL remote access; SSL remote access and wireless networks; certification criteria for SSL remote access; purchase criteria for SSL remote access gear; the future of SSL remote access.

* UPCOMING TRADE SHOWS (April, May, June):

Wireless Security Forum 2004

April 19-24, Santa Clara, California


May 4-7, Seattle, Washington


May 9-14, Las Vegas

Sapphire 2004

May 11-13, New Orleans

GigaWorld 2004

May 17-20, Orlando, Florida,5158,578,00.html

CA World

May 23-27, Las Vegas

Microsoft Tech Ed 2004

May 23-28, San Diego

Cebit America

May 25-27, New York

Supercomm 2004

June 20-24, Chicago

HP Software Forum

June 14-18, Montreal, Quebec

2004 JavaOne

June 28-July 1, San Francisco



March 30 – April 29, at a city near you

Grid, blade, utility or cluster computing: Are you about to make a costly misstep? Storage virtualization: Are you ready for this innovative approach? Security solutions: Are you prepared for the latest threats?

In the storm to consolidate – servers, storage, apps – there’s never been a more important moment in the management of data centers. And there’s never been a Network World Event like Masterminding the New Data Center to meet the challenge. Here’s actionable intelligence you can take away and use now to design, deploy and manage your data center to the highest industry standards.

It’s exciting must-know info. New technology from APC and Foundry. First-ever results of a Nemertes Research benchmark study. A fast-paced, ask-questions, get-answers event you cannot afford to miss. While attendance is free, access is limited to professionals who reserve in advance. Register now. Reserve your place. And become one of the new masterminds of today’s new data center.

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April 13-22, at a city near you

Today there’s just one universal truth about building sophisticated Wireless LANs: The design, management, and buying decisions you make now will determine the effectiveness of your enterprise network for years to come.

So make the decision to attend Wireless LANs: Gaining Strength, Reaching Farther, a new Network World Technology Tour event. It brings together the intelligence, innovations, and solutions you need at an exclusive forum led by industry expert Craig J. Mathias.

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April 27-May 6, at a city near you

One year from today, will you look back and say you made the right WAN decisions? Or will you say, “If I had only known then what I know now?” -About emerging VPN alternatives. Secrets of VoIP deployment. Balancing security and availability. Implementing service management technology. The true spend of optimization. The next-generation Internet.

You can wait for answers or you can get them now. Attend WANs: Survival of the Fittest…Fastest…Smartest the new Network World Technology Tour event. In one info/demo-packed day you can gain across-the-enterprise tools and technologies that will show you how to evolve an effective and efficient WAN that’s ready for whatever the future brings.

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May 18-27, at a city near you

All it takes is one oversight, one hacker, one failure, and suddenly everything about network security is on the table. And YOU are on the spot.

Unfortunately network security has become a costly catch-22. Just when the stakes to your enterprise are highest, you’re flooded in waves of security technology that are hard to evaluate fully, integrate properly, or deploy effectively. The typically “safe” response is to over-spend and over-build simply because you’re overwhelmed not just with what to buy, but how to buy, when to buy, and why to buy.

Now there’s a smarter and better response. Attend Enterprise Security: Fail-Safe Architecture, a new Network World Technology Tour Event and learn how to:

* Manage your network as a security intelligence asset.

* Deploy efficient, quick-strike detection devices deep within networks.

* Umbrella remote-access users via low-cost IP connections.

* Maximize current investments in security using open source offerings.

* integrate wireless security into overall wired strategy.

* Expand effectiveness of firewalls to the application level.

* Fuse intrusion prevention technologies with the network structure.

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