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‘The Data is the Error’

Apr 19, 20042 mins
Enterprise Applications

* ‘The Data is the Error’ * And you thought spam was bad * A better kind of convergence * What’s wrong with this picture?

‘The Data is the Error’

Mark Gibbs’s Backspin column does two things this week. It shares some amusing error messages sent in by readers and it dissects a not-so-amusing licensing agreement of a piece of spyware that may be making its way onto your users’ desktops.

And you thought spam was bad

Tom Nolle mulls the possibility that VoIP might be twisted into a tool for telemarketers to harass us, much as we are harassed by spammers. Nolle this week pleads with the VoIP carriers to deal with three issues to protect us from a nightmare scenario.

A better kind of convergence

Convergence Newsletter co-author Steve Taylor takes a side trip into Network World’s editorial pages with a look at the next big area of convergence: network and application management. See what the advantages are and why your organization is going to have to change.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Maybe you have to be in our business to fully appreciate how bizarre this is – Network World separately gave Cisco and Microsoft the opportunity to write something for the publication, and both refused. This week, Editor-in-Chief John Dix, like the rest of us, scratches his head over why vendors would turn down such an opportunity to tell their side of the story (without having to buy an ad).