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Strange days, indeed

Apr 12, 20042 mins
Enterprise Applications

* Strange days, indeed * WLANs can be complex * Vote ‘yes’ for broadband * Security is for everyone

Strange days, indeed

Mark Gibbs this week ponders several statements that seem very strange. One comes from his computer and prompts him to consider the difference between expected and unexpected errors. Another comes from Steve Ballmer and begs the question: When will Microsoft buy Sun? And a third comes from SCO and reminds Gibbs of “The Sopranos.”

WLANs can be complex

Beware the complexity in an enterprise-size wireless LAN, says Kevin Tolly. A wireless LAN with a single access point may be easy as pie, but once you start to add other access points, a can of worms the size of Wisconsin emerges.

Vote ‘yes’ for broadband

Both our country’s president and his main challenger agree that universal broadband Internet access is a worthwhile goal. ‘Net Insider Scott Bradner takes that goal and expands on what would actually be needed to make it even more worthwhile.

Security is for everyone

Security is too important to be left solely to the federal government. Winn Schwartau this week says we are all responsible for security, and we have to step up to that responsibility.