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Before we get on the subject of safe deposit boxes

May 10, 20043 mins
Access ControlEnterprise Applications

* Clearing the decks before turning to the safe deposit metaphor for ID mgmt.

The response to last week’s newsletter proposing a “safe deposit box” metaphor for identity federation and storage has been tremendous. I’m still reading through the messages, following the links and downloading the papers. It’ll take another week or two before I’ll be ready to present your thoughts, so bear with me.

Jill Warner, PR bulldog extraordinaire, did remind me that I’d probably heard the kernel of the safe deposit box idea when I was speaking to Vormetric’s Phil Grasso and Duc Pham a few weeks ago. I guess I was so blown away by their context-based access control model (so very like the one I’ll talk your ear off about, given half a chance) that the storage metaphor was buried in my sub-conscious until IBM’s Arvind Krishna brought it forward with a chance remark.

But do take a look at the Flash Demo of Vormetric’s CoreGuard ( While it should be classed as a security product, CoreGuard does have a strong authentication component and relies on context-based authorization for much of its power.

I also talked about the safe deposit box metaphor with Thor Technology’s Ranjeet Vidwans and Alberto Yepez. Again, though, whatever we said about identity was overwritten in my mind by Alberto’s tale of “what I did on spring break.” Rather than journey to some Mexican resort, he and a group of students from his alma mater the University of San Francisco, took a trip to his native Peru where they spent the time setting up computers and networks in two rural (rural? Try way out in the desert!) high schools. He intends to go back next year to install Internet access. He could use some help with equipment, time, money and what have you; just let me know and I’ll pass along your offer.

Also, before it gets too late for you to plan and budget for conferences I’ll point out the two major ones that identity management professionals should attend.

First, of course, is the granddaddy of identity management gatherings, the Burton Group’s Catalyst conference. After two years in San Francisco, it returns this year to San Diego, a delightful place to be in late July (July 21-23 actually, find out more at the link below).

In the fall, Denver is the place to be for Digital ID World. The third annual conference will take place Oct. 25-28 (link below). I missed last year’s event because I waited too long to make plans to attend, a mistake I won’t repeat this year.