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MCI takes to N+I like duck to water

May 12, 20045 mins
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MCI President and CEO Michael Capellas kicked off the opening day of Networld+Interop’s exhibition by presenting his vision of an all-IP future in which telephony will be completely embedded into the desktop with full streaming audio and video capabilities. It was all good until the demonstration of his vision was overcome by a poor local network connection. But the day was not lost – he did liken the fruits of the partnership with Microsoft to develop an all-IP world to a duck. “There are a lot of feet paddling under there that you don’t see,” he told N+I attendees.

It’s likely that more gems like these will be found at N+I as the week unfolds. Be sure to check this page for daily updates: . The Trade Show News Alert will be back in two weeks when we bring you the late N+I news plus a look at upcoming shows. See you then.


MCI’s Capellas looks to all-IP future, 05/11/04

MCI’s Web conferencing offering with Microsoft introduced Tuesday is just the beginning of a move to let users make PCs into phones, MCI President and CEO Michael Capellas said in a keynote address Tuesday at the NetWorld+Interop conference in Las Vegas.

Foundry jumps into WAN router market, 05/11/04

Foundry Networks at Networld+Interop this week launched a line of enterprise access router, VPN and firewall gear for enterprises seeking an alternative to market-leader Cisco for WAN connectivity and security.

Internap integrates route optimization acquisitions, 05/11/04

Internap Network Services, best known as an IP provider that offers route control services, is flexing its product muscles at Networld+Interop. On Tuesday, it launched version 3.3 of its Flow Control Plaform plus two products that integrate features from the equipment it gained through its acquisition last year of route optimization appliance vendors Sockeye Networks and netVmg.

3Com unveils wiring-closet switch with 10G expansion, 05/11/04

3Com announced at the NetWorld+Interop trade show this week stackable 10 Gigabit Ethernet switches aimed at bringing fat net pipes to enterprise wiring closets.

Microsoft teams with MCI to deliver Office Live Meeting, 05/11/04

Microsoft is teaming with communications giant MCI to deliver Web conferencing and collaboration services featuring its Microsoft Office Live Meeting, the companies said Tuesday.

Vanguard tackles VoIP, apps performance mgmt., 05/10/04

Vanguard Managed Solutions says it now can install, monitor and manage IP telephony networks for businesses, freeing up staff time to perform more critical functions.

MCI rolls out VoIP over DSL, 05/10/04

MCI is set to launch a VoIP-over-DSL service it says could save small offices money.

N+I spotlights security and apps management, 05/10/04

A mix of new and established companies this week will use NetWorld+Interop Las Vegas 2004 to launch a slew of management products, many aimed at helping businesses safeguard networks and applications against worms or other attacks.

Start-up aims to shut down denial-of-service hits, 05/10/04

Start-up IntruGuard Devices will use the NetWorld+Interop show this week to launch rate-based equipment designed to protect servers from denial-of-service attacks.

Fast times for servers and apps, 05/10/04

Sluggish application servers and bottlenecked data center links are the targets of several new products scheduled to be announced this week at NetWorld+Interop.

InteropNet Labs: Testers drill down on SIP, 802.1X security and MPLS, 05/10/04

Early last month, in a drafty warehouse somewhere off Route 101 between San Francisco and San Jose, dozens of network engineers hammered away at hundreds of products tested as part of the 2004 NetWorld+Interop InteropNet Labs.

InteropNet Labs: Vendors hit the 802.1X mark for access, but security holes remain, 05/10/04

While previous iLabs security-based testing focused strictly on how the IEEE 802.1X authentication standard helped lock down wireless LAN connections, this year’s testing also spanned the wired world.

InteropNet Labs: SIP aces basic interop tests, 05/10/04

We didn’t just take a sip. We took a good long drink of SIP technology in this round of iLabs testing.

Weblog: IPV6 at the edge, 05/09/04

Greenfield Networks, which makes Ethernet switch silicon and components for systems vendors will have a new reference design at NetWorld+Interop this week, aimed at bringing MPLS to the MAN edge.

Network World Fusion Radio: Rodney Thayer, 05/06/04

Network World Lab Alliance member Rodney Thayer discusses the current state of 802.1X, an authentication standard that’s gaining traction in the wireless networks.

Wireless in the Enterprise Newsletter: WLANs and N+I: One year later, 05/05/04

NetWorld+Interop 2004 is poised to take place next week in Las Vegas with a full wireless conference track. I’ll continue to review here a bit of what’s transpired since last year’s N+I show, when many wireless LAN vendors made their debuts.