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Sun chooses head for x86 division

May 19, 20042 mins
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Sun chooses head for x86 division

By Robert McMillan

IDG News Service, 05/18/04

One month after a major executive shake up at Sun, the dust appears to be settling a bit. The company has now appointed former CTO of Software John Fowler as executive vice president of the company’s newly created Network Systems group, a Sun spokeswoman confirmed on Tuesday.

Fowler was named interim head of the Network Systems Group in April. At the time, Sun said it was conducting an executive search for a permanent head of the division, which produces Sun systems based on the Intel and Advanced Micro Devices x86 processors.

Sun has now decided to make Fowler’s role permanent, the spokeswoman said.

The executive previously responsible for Sun’s Intel and AMD systems, Sun Executive Vice President of Volume Systems Products Neil Knox, left the company as part of the April shake-up, as did Sun’s former Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer Mark Tolliver.

Sun also removed Knox’s peer, Clark Masters, from his role as executive in charge of Sun’s Enterprise Systems Group and created a new organization, then called the Throughput Systems group, that was to be responsible for Sun’s UltraSparc systems and processors. The group, which is headed by Executive Vice President David Yen, has since been renamed the Scalable Systems Group, Sun said.

Both Yen and Fowler report to Jonathan Schwartz, who was made the company’s president and chief operating officer a few weeks before the April shake-up.

Fowler is a 13-year Sun veteran who previously held engineering management titles within Sun’s software group.

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