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Jun 10, 20042 mins

* No telling when Nortel will post first-quarter numbers

Nortel officials have no idea how long it will take to restate the company’s accounts for 2003 and for the first quarter of 2004, though they outlined their short-term priorities to restore confidence in the company.

On April 28, Nortel fired CEO Frank Dunn and announced it would delay reporting its first-quarter results pending an independent review of the figures. The company had planned to report the results on April 29, but there’s no telling when they will be reported now.

MCI and Qwest have announced the first wholesale pricing agreement between an incumbent owner of telecommunications networks and a major competitor, but other companies complained about being left out in negotiations requested by The FCC. The agreement between MCI and Qwest came after five weeks of mediated negotiations. Talks between CLECs and the incumbents became necessary following a March court ruling overturning much of The FCC’s network-sharing rules.

Riverstone Networks added a new line of metro Ethernet routers to its roster. The company unveiled a 10G bit/sec device designed to converge services at the edge. The Riverstone 15008 Ethernet Edge Router, the first member of the Riverstone 15000 series, features an IP/MPLS control plane, multiple interface types and the ability to converge traffic over MPLS. It employs a distributed and modular operating system architecture that, according to Riverstone, allows the router to detect and restart errant protocols without affecting the rest of the system.

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