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Face-off over open-source IP telephony

Jun 07, 20042 mins
Enterprise Applications

* Face-off over open-source IP telephony * IP telephony the wireless way * H.323 still kicking * Businesses: Listen up

Face-off over open-source IP telephony

Can you trust open-source IP telephony for your company’s voice system? That’s the question posed to two industry experts in this week’s Face-off. Arguing in the affirmative is Zenas Hutcheson, managing general partner with St. Paul Venture Capital. But Zeus Kerravala, vice president of enterprise infrastructure research and consulting for The Yankee Group, says it has a long way to go.



IP telephony the wireless way

Meanwhile, Kevin Tolly looks at another aspect of VoIP: the wireless one. While many companies are becoming more comfortable with the idea of VoIP, putting VoIP on a wireless LAN raises new issues, like security and bandwidth. As Tolly readies an interoperability test for VoIP over WLANs, he asks for your input.

H.323 still kicking

Completing this week’s VoIP trifecta is the User View from Chuck Yoke. Pundits have become so enamored with Session Initiation Protocol for VoIP that they have forgotten how much H.323 is being used instead, he says.

Businesses: Listen up

Voice is also a theme in Paul McNamara’s ‘Net Buzz column. He recently discovered a good reason businesses should listen to what forum posters have to say.

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