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Dell expands 64-bit offering with four-way Itanium

Jun 08, 20042 mins
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Dell expands 64-bit offering with four-way Itanium, 06/07/04

Dell is expanding its 64-bit server line with a new, four processor Itanium 2 server aimed at high performance workloads such as databases, engineering clusters and heavy duty ERP applications.

Q&A: Sun CTO talks interconnects, 06/07/04

On the eve of Sun’s quarterly product announcements last week, Network World Senior Editor Deni Connor spoke with Balint Fleisher, CTO for Sun’s storage division about the company’s future direction for a number …

IBM enhances data integration package, 06/07/04

Code-named Masala, the forthcoming release of IBM’s DB2 Information Integrator software aims to make it easier for companies to search multiple data sources and be alerted to key business events.

New Prescott Pentium 4 processors on tap from Intel, 06/04/04

Intel is planning to introduce over the coming months eight new Pentium 4 processors utilizing a new packaging technique, including its first workstation processors with 64-bit extensions technology, …

Computex: Texas Instruments demos split-chassis PC design, 06/02/04

Texas Instruments has a solution to the problem of hot and noisy computers: split them into two parts and move the hottest and loudest components off the desktop and away from the user.

Sun to open-source Solaris, 06/02/04

After months of hinting about its intentions, Sun on Wednesday confirmed that it intends to release source code from its Solaris operating system under an open-source license.

Computex: China to crack supercomputer top 10 list, 06/02/04

A Chinese computer is expected to take a spot on the list of the world’s ten most powerful supercomputers for the first time later this month when the rankings are officially updated, according …