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Security: Should software vendors be liable?

Jun 09, 20045 mins
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Should there be laws that allow customers to sue software companies for shipping products with security flaws? Should the U.S. government create cybersecurity regulations? These were some of the issues being debated at Gartner’s IT Security Summit earlier this week. Meanwhile, over in Taipei, which last week played host to Computex, the word among processor circles is that Intel is readying to launch its Grantsdale and Alderwood chipsets for Pentium 4 processors on June 21. Read below for more on this plus news from other recent shows.


Cybersecurity: Too important to leave in private hands?, 06/07/04

The cybersecurity of the U.S. is too important to leave to the chance that marketplace incentives will lead to more secure software, a liberal commentator and a cybersecurity analyst argued Monday at the Gartner IT Security Summit.

Internet needs law enforcement, author says, 06/08/04

The Internet is a “god-awful mess,” but few U.S. government officials are willing to take action against virus writers, spammers and other scammers, author Bruce Sterling said at the Gartner IT Security Summit Tuesday in Washington, D.C.

RSA focuses anew on the password problem, 06/07/04

RSA Security  is renewing its focus on improving the security of user passwords. The company Monday plans to announce RSA Sign-On Manager, a rebranded version of its SecurID Passage product that the company says will make it easier for enterprises to manage user passwords.


Despite cost pressures, RFID tags gaining steam, 06/08/04

It may be “the oldest new technology,” in the words of IDC analyst Christopher Boone, but the combination of radio frequency identification (RFID) tags with electronic product codes could change the way manufacturers and retailers manage their supply chains, according to analysts, vendors and attendees at IDC’s RFID Update conference in Boston on Monday.


Transmeta shows 1.6 GHz Efficeon processor, 06/02/04

Transmeta is showing working samples of the latest version of its Efficeon processor at the Computex trade show in Taipei this week.

Texas Instruments demos split-chassis PC design, 06/02/04

Texas Instruments has a solution to the problem of hot and noisy computers: split them into two parts and move the hottest and loudest components off the desktop and away from the user.

Grantsdale, Alderwood headed for June 21 launch, 06/02/04

Intel plans to launch its Grantsdale and Alderwood chipsets for Pentium 4 processors on June 21, according to several motherboard makers at the Computex 2004 exhibition in Taipei. But while the chipsets will soon be available to users, they may not become widely adopted by users until early next year.

China to crack supercomputer top 10 list, 06/02/04

A Chinese computer is expected to take a spot on the list of the world’s ten most powerful supercomputers for the first time later this month when the rankings are officially updated, according to a Taiwanese motherboard maker familiar with the benchmarked performance of the Chinese computer.

Intel chips to support location-based services, 06/01/04

Intel is developing support for location-based services in its mobile processor line that will allow computers to access information based on their location, a company executive said Tuesday.


June 20-24, Chicago

FCC Chairman Michael Powell is scheduled to present the opening keynote at Supercomm 2004, the annual conference and exhibition for communication service providers and private network managers.

The Metro Ethernet Forum will be at the show with a line-up of speakers that include Ethernet co-inventor Bob Metcalf, who will reveal “The Next Ethernet Wave.”

On Wednesday, June 23, the PCI Industrial Computers Manufacturers Group will present how its Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture will afect the busines of making networking equipment. The forum will offer a case study on a service provider’s pilot evaluation of AdvancedTCA platforms.


Supercomm 2004

June 20-24, Chicago

HP Software Forum

June 14-18, Montreal, Quebec

2004 JavaOne

June 28-July 1, San Francisco

Burton Group Catalyst Conference

July 21-23, San Diego

LinuxWorld Conference & Expo

Aug. 2-5, San Francisco

SCO Forum 2004

Aug. 1-3, Las Vegas


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