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Jun 21, 20042 mins

The top 10 indications that VoIP has become ubiquitous

Here are the top 10 indications that VoIP has become ubiquitous:

No. 10 During a phone call with your mother, she instant messages you her meatloaf recipe.

No. 9 You and your spouse splurge on matching jeweled, Star Trek-like, voice-activated cell-phone pins.

No. 8 In the last eight hours you attended 12 meetings, two of them simultaneously – one via instant messaging and the other a phone call. Two of your co-workers also attended both meetings.

No. 7 The latest office rumor is that your computer-simulated database agent is dating the boss’ computer-simulated database agent.

No. 6 You notice that in the last 30 days, you haven’t been put on hold for any phone call to any company.

No. 5 During your last business-oriented golf game, you conducted a collaborative conference with your vendor – who was playing on a different course.

No. 4 After pulling an all-nighter at work, you had a brain-dead moment when you tried to voice command your microwave into cooking your dinner.

No. 3 After that, you picked up your phone and tried to conference call your microwave.

No. 2 While at a party, you settle an argument about an all-time baseball record by calling a friend and having him download all the relevant statistics to everyone’s PDAs.

No. 1 With a single click you clean the spam from your voice mail system, your text-message pager, your IM client and your e-mail in-box because they are all operated from the same user interface.