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Jun 23, 20032 mins
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Microsoft refreshes Pocket PC software, 06/23/03

Already gaining momentum over chief rival PalmSource, Microsoft Monday is set to announce a new version of its software for PDAs that is poised to make Pocket PCs more attractive to users.

HP, Gateway announce PDAs for new Windows operating system, 06/23/03

Gateway and HP Monday announced new handheld devices along with the launch of Microsoft’s Windows Mobile Software 2003, an update of the Pocket PC operating system.

Office 2003 beta 2 refresh released, 06/20/03

Microsoft released a ‘refresh’ of Office 2003 beta 2 to a small number of testers on Friday, a rare move by the vendor to …

Microsoft rips into Massachusetts in filing, 06/18/03

Microsoft on Wednesday ripped into Massachusetts, the lone hold-out state in the software giant’s antitrust settlement …

Microsoft identifies with RFID tag organization, 06/17/03

AutoID, a not-for-profit organization promoting the use of RFID tags in inventory tracking and management, Wednesday said …

Judge to approve Microsoft’s California settlement, 06/17/03

Software buyers and poor schools in California got closer on Tuesday to reaping the benefits of a $1.1 billion settlement …

West Virginia drops Microsoft suit, 06/17/03

West Virginia will drop its appeal against last year’s ruling in the federal antitrust case against Microsoft, at the …

Microsoft ramps up its global fight against spam, 06/17/03

Escalating its fight against unwanted spam e-mail, Microsoft Tuesday announced that it has filed 15 civil lawsuits — 13 …

Jam-packed Configuresoft Enterprise Configuration Manager, 06/18/03

Many folks were disappointed with the recent TechEd conference.

Need help with Windows migration? It’s time to ask questions, 06/18/03

While a few early adopters already have installed the newest versions of Microsoft’s Windows operating system, the vast majority of enterprises today are just getting started.

Microsoft stops activating, 06/16/03

When Microsoft first introduced product activation as an antipiracy scheme with Windows XP, many people were outraged.