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DNS marks 20th birthday

Jun 25, 20032 mins

Latest standards and regulations news.

DNS marks 20th birthday, 06/24/03

The database system that sends Web surfers to the right page and gets e-mail messages where they need to go turned 20 years old on Monday.

PlanetLab builds testbed for new Internet services, 06/24/03

Intel and HP Tuesday announced they are joining a consortium which aims to build a platform on which to develop “disruptive” Internet technologies. These technologies are needed because the Internet is becoming “ossified,” according to HP and Intel researchers.

Supreme Court upholds library ‘Net filters, 06/23/03

The U.S. Supreme Court voted 6-to-3 to uphold a law requiring the use of Internet filtering technology at public libraries that receive federal funding.

Financial IM to be stored for three years, 06/23/03

U.S. securities regulators put a further onus on financial firms to keep records of their business this week, this time focusing on the increasingly popular form of communication known as instant messaging.

Ethernet: It isn’t just for LANs anymore, 06/23/03

Demand for Ethernet equipment and services is expected to grow dramatically in the coming years because of the technology’s familiarity, ease of use and technical advancements.

Tech Update: 802.11e brings QoS to WLANs, 06/23/03

As users experience the convenience of wireless connectivity, they are beginning to demand support for the same applications they run over today’s wired networks. Because wireless bandwidth availability is restricted, quality of service is increasingly important in 802.11 networks.