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Blaster worm attack a bust

Aug 18, 20034 mins
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Blaster worm attack a bust, 08/17/03

A scheduled denial-of-service attack against Microsoft’s main software update Web site did not materialize Saturday, as computers infected with the W32.Blaster worm failed to find their target.

Latest worm puts focus on patch woes, 08/18/03

The Blaster worm that last week infiltrated hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Windows-based computers once again highlighted the IT community’s inability to plug software holes even when they have been detected and patches have been issued.

Microsoft aims to outsmart denial-of-service attack, 08/15/03

Microsoft on Friday took steps to defend its patch download site from a denial-of-service attack expected to be launched …

Microsoft, under attack, releases Blaster security advice, 08/15/03

With a new version of the W32.Blaster worm on the loose and set to spawn a massive denial-of-service attack on a … falls to DoS attack, 08/15/03

Microsoft’s main Web site was inaccessible for two hours Thursday evening, the victim of an Internet-borne denial-of- …

Microsoft site down day before Blaster set to attack, 08/15/03

Microsoft’s Web site was inaccessible early Friday, one day before a new variant of the W32.Blaster …

Blaster, blackout combination boon for some, 08/15/03

This week’s combination of an Internet worm infestation and a major power blackout in the U.S. and Canada were hassles for most organizations, but the combination was a boon for some companies that offer business continuity services. gives up Microsoft Office 2003 prices, 08/14/03

Online retailer has stolen Microsoft’s thunder by posting pricing and a release date for the forthcoming …

Microsoft wraps up Project 2003, 08/14/03

Microsoft Wednesday said it has priced its Project 2003 products and plans to release the project planning and management …

Microsoft patch process called into question, 08/14/03

Microsoft’s Windows Update patch management program has a critical shortcoming that in some cases could fool users into …

Symantec: Blaster victims top 330,000 machines, 08/14/03

The Blaster worm – also known as MSBlast or LoveSAN – has hit at least 330,000 machines around the world as of Thursday …

Update: Blaster worm infections spreading rapidly, 08/13/03

The Blaster worm – also known as MSBlast or LoveSAN – has spread rapidly since it was first noticed on Monday. It has …

Microsoft ordered to pay $521 million in patent dispute, 08/12/03

A jury in Chicago Monday ordered Microsoft to pay $521 million in damages to a technology company and the University of …

Microsoft wants users to report on Office, 08/11/03

Microsoft wants more details on how its products are used so it can make its applications “almost entirely crash-free” …

Worm programmed to blast Microsoft’s patch site, 08/11/03

Security experts are warning about the spread of a new worm that exploits the so-called remote procedure call …

Microsoft P2P tools should help advance corporate file sharing, 08/14/03

Microsoft recently released software tools for Windows XP that are intended to encourage the creation of P2P applications.

Problems between Offline Folders and Distributed File Systems, 08/11/03

Let’s get something out in the open right up front – hardware doesn’t really interest me. For that matter, operating systems – at least the OS kernel – don’t really interest me.

One good book for the bookshelf, 08/13/03

Last issue, I admitted that hardware and discussions surrounding hardware (such as “storage issues”) had a tendency to make my eyes glaze over and my attention drift. So a book entitled “Inside Windows Storage” would usually get placed immediately on the “donate these to the library” stack when it shows up on my doorstep.