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Does anyone trust Microsoft anymore?

Sep 15, 20032 mins
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* Does anyone trust Microsoft anymore? * There are consequences to file sharing * World without wires * An unsteady course?

Does anyone trust Microsoft anymore?

Columnist Kevin Tolly and tester Thomas Henderson this week separately express their annoyance with having to patch Microsoft’s software. Tolly points out that even Windows Server 2003 – which was supposed to have benefited most from the “Trustworthy Computing” initiative – required updates to plug holes exploited by the latest worms. And Henderson says he’ll have to change his testing process to emphasize security.

Tolly: Another black eye for ‘Trustworthy Computing’

Henderson: How much did Microsoft’s quality cost you today?

There are consequences to file sharing

When it comes to online music, sharing is stealing, says ‘Net Buzzer Paul McNamara. The Recording Industry Association of America’s recent lawsuits against file sharers are fully justified, he says.

World without wires

‘Net Insider Scott Bradner this week extrapolates on the latest news from Broadcom. With wireless LAN technology in such a small and low-power-consuming package, there are plenty of consumer devices out there that could be Wi-Fi-enabled.

An unsteady course?

The FCC has changed its policy about unbundled network elements, but almost every commissioner dissented with some part of the new policy. What does this mean for carriers? And what does it mean for FCC leadership? Tom Nolle this week answers these questions in his Reality Check.