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An ode to an identity management problem

Sep 24, 20033 mins
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* Reports of the NetPro Directory Experts Conference

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Once my Valentine,

Her name escapes me like a

Forgotten password. – Wook Lee

Wook Lee of HP is one of the leading directory authorities in the world. He’s a directory architect for HP (Texas branch to where he was stationed after Compaq acquired Digital Equipment. Not only has he been there and done that, he was the “that” that he did it to!). I wasn’t aware, though, that he was also a haiku specialist. And not only haiku, but senryuu also.

Lee was a speaker at the recent NetPro Directory Experts Conference in Ottawa and evidently drew the short straw since he was landed with the topic of “Active Directory Restore Mode.” The real challenge was to be able to present useful information while still keeping the audience awake. On a dare from Microsoft’s Stuart Kwan, though, he did come up with what has to be one of the more interesting, and fascinating, slideware presentations of the past few years. Look for yourself ( if you weren’t in the audience.

While Lee’s presentation was one of the more enjoyable events at the show (if you discount the stories I’ve heard about NetPro CEO Trish Gulbranson stretched across a pool table to make a three cushion shot), it simply lightened a highly-charged atmosphere.

Most of the audience, made up of network and directory managers and administrators, were actually seeking refuge from their users and bosses who seem to daily hold up more news headlines about identity problems or Microsoft security issues. In fact, a survey conducted among attendees showed that 90% were “feeling the heat” about security concerns with Microsoft applications and services. That did tend to reinforce the conference theme, “Securing Your Network Infrastructure with Active Directory.”  We’ll look at some of the other issues uncovered in the survey in the next issue of this newsletter.

Right now, though, I’d like to leave you with another of Wook Lee’s evocative verses:

I want to know the

Directory Restore Mode

Password for my brain.

Aren’t there mornings when we all feel that way?