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Microsoft to improve own search offering

Nov 03, 20033 mins
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Microsoft to improve own search offering, 11/03/03

Microsoft is changing its search strategy, by improving its own algorithmic Web search service and pulling out of the directory search business.

Beyond Windows-centric management, 11/03/03

Microsoft last week unveiled a Web services-based technology intended to let its Windows-centric management tools work with other platforms such as Linux and Unix.

Free MS tool pushes Windows image across the net, 11/03/03

Microsoft’s Automated Deployment Services is a free download that manages the distribution of network operating systems and application disk images to servers across companies.

Microsoft eyes ID management, 11/03/03

Microsoft is working on identity technology for its future Longhorn operating system that it hopes will evolve into a cross-platform, standard format that companies can use to secure digital relationships …

Microsoft to release threat-modeling tool, 10/30/03

Microsoft plans to publicly release a threat modeling tool it uses internally to help software developers create more secure software, the company said Thursday.

Developers get hands on Microsoft’s NGSCB, 10/30/03

In addition to showing off its next-generation Longhorn operating system this week, Microsoft for the first time handed out code that underlies its closely watched Next-Generation Secure Computing Base security technology.

EU quizzes hardware makers on Microsoft licenses, 10/30/03

The European Commission Thursday said it has contacted unspecified hardware manufacturers about Microsoft’s licensing policy because it suspects anti-competitive behavior.

Microsoft, Vodafone outline mobile services plan, 10/29/03

Microsoft and Vodafone Group published a technical road map and a white paper as part of their effort to allow PC applications to take advantage of services offered on mobile networks.

Everybody but Microsoft, 11/03/03

To counter the company’s Office System 2003 marketing blitz, a look at cheap and free alternatives

All Microsoft developers, all the time, 10/29/03

Feedster, a Weblog search engine, has a Microsoft Professional Developers Conference feed , so you can read pretty much every last little comment anybody at the conference with a Weblog has to …

Weblog: MS Producer 2003 shipping, 10/27/03

Amid the hoopla of last week’s Office 2003 launch was the newest version of Microsoft Producer , which converts a standard PowerPoint presentation and narration into a browser-based rich media …

NEC rolls out SQL Server bundle, 10/28/03

NEC recently launched a server package to help users adopt Microsoft’s SQL Server and migrate to 64-bit computing.

Why Longhorn is a bit ‘herky-jerky’ right now, 10/29/03

Last issue, I urged you not to worry about supposed ship dates for Longhorn, the next version of Windows due out in a desktop version in 2005 and a server edition approximately 18 months later. Don’t worry about it, but be ready for new functionality to show up in the intervening time.

Longhorn – Don’t panic!, 10/27/03

This week many of the people who write third-party software for Windows as well as those who create utilities that expand on the functionality of Microsoft applications are gathering in Los Angeles for the annual Microsoft Professional Developers Conference.