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A real time sync

Dec 30, 20022 mins

I have a NT4 Server Network with various clients: W95/W98/NT4/W2K/XP. I would like to have all the clients on the exact same time e.g. time sync with one of my servers and manualy make sure my server is at the right time. Is there a way to do this in NT automatically remembering my client PC users don’t have admin privilages?

I have checked the Web and everyone wants to sell me software that updates over the Web or give me freeware that updates over the Web. If you havent guessed my servers are not allowed access to the Web.

— Paul Robertson

It can be done. One way is to use the Timserv utility that is found in the NT4 resource kit. Another option is to edit the registry on the server and look for the following key

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSet ServicesLanManServerParameters

Add a DWord value named TimeSource and give it a value of 1. Restart the server to get this change to take effect.

If your NT4 server is running as a domain controller, add the following statement to the workstations login script – NET TIME /DOMAIN: /SET. If the NT4 server is running in workgroup mode, you would use NET TIME /WORKGROUP: /SET instead. If you arent using a login script, you might want to think about implementing that. I have had mixed results with putting this statement in a batch or cmd file and putting it in the startup folder at a client as the client may not have finished logging into the network when the command will run from the startup folder.

Depending on how critical it is to have the time set correctly, if there is a program that the users always use shortly after they have logged into the network, consider putting the time set command listed above into either a batch or command file that first runs the time set command and then brings up the application that the users wants to run next. As you have found out, there are other options available but this one works within the criteria you mentioned in your message.