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Neoteris opens up to IBM

Feb 06, 20032 mins

* Neoteris tools to access IBM Web client and Lotus Notes

Secure Sockets Layer remote access vendor Neoteris has announced a relationship with IBM that assures interoperability with IBM’s Lotus software.

In particular, the Neoteris Instant Virtual Extranet (IVE) gear can access Lotus Notes via either its Web client or native Notes client software. IVE can also access Lotus Sametime and QuickPlace.

While Neoteris can support any Web based applications, it requires additional software downloaded for a single session to connect to applications that require a separate client. Often the Web versions of software and the full-client versions vary in their functionality, with the Web versions coming up slower or having fewer features.

This addition of Lotus support with the help of IBM should help allay fears customers might have that their end users will be dissatisfied with how well Web versions of Notes perform. They will be able to support the native client if that is what is needed.

Since the goal of SSL remote access vendors is to support as many of the most popular applications as they can, this IBM relationship makes sense for Neoteris. If a business can allow most of its employees access to most of the applications they need to reach remotely using an SSL remote access system, then they are more likely to give it a try. The nature of the equipment is that it needs no remote client installation or maintenance, so it is less of an administrative chore to take on.

The addition of explicit Lotus support from IBM may open up Neoteris as a possibility for those shops heavily using Lotus software but that were uncertain whether they wanted to risk it.