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Using IIS with a dynamic IP address

Mar 10, 20031 min
Enterprise Applications

We leased a domain name that is being routed by our ISP to a “holding” page. We want to call up the Web page from outside our network and access our Internet Information Server (IIS) and Web page. We want to use IIS to host the Web page/domain using the dynamic IP address that our ISP provides us. How can we accomplish this?

The secret is to use a stable Internet location to provide dynamic DNS update services or URL redirection services that keep your domain host names synchronized with the dynamically changing IP address given by your broadband ISP.

Searching the phrase “URL redirection” will uncover several services on the Internet, including and

Or you can build your own with a little scripting. The idea is to use a script or servlet on your holding page to redirect Web page requests to your IIS server.

The trick is having the IIS server check in with the holding page server every time the IP address changes in order to update the redirection script. The static Web page space that accompanies many broadband connections often is suitable for hosting such a holding page.