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Reinforcing security

Apr 30, 20032 mins

* Network World Technology Tour focuses on corporate security

The next phase of our Technology Tour season is about to switch into high gear. In June and July, I’ll be on the road with our events on voice over IP, storage and data centers. But aptly enough, our security tour kicks everything off in mid-May.

Security leads the pack because it is the most important piece of the enterprise puzzle. Your network is in serious jeopardy if you haven’t developed a well thought-out plan.

Our focus on this year’s tour is protecting the enterprise and its assets. This is key for any IT executive because it’s up to you to prove to corporate stakeholders that data traveling across the network is well guarded and the company is not exposed to risk.

Joel Snyder, Network World columnist and member of our Global Test Alliance, joins me on the tour to show you how to turn your network inside out. He explains how to go beyond the basics of firewalling and antivirus software to create a network that is secured from the core out to the mobile and remote workforces.

Snyder lays out the essentials for you: homing in on intrusion detection and prevention systems, PKI and Layer 2 authentication, wireless LAN security and access control lists. He also explains the best uses of virtual LAN technology and embedded firewalls.

Also on the tour are the leading companies in the security market. Foundry, HP, IBM, Lancope and VeriSign discuss the latest products and services that will help you reinforce your enterprise.

Look for discussions on rolling security into your core hardware, integrating security management with other network management tools, embedding security into your mobile and remote laptops, employing intrusion detection and prevention systems, and using multi-layer authentication.

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