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Reaching out to legacy applications

May 08, 20032 mins

* Array Networks secures remote access to legacy apps

Array Networks recently upgraded its Secure Sockets Layer remote access gear to grant access to legacy client-server applications via Web browsers.

The new feature enables remote PCs with application client software to access application servers securely over the Internet by proxying through an Array SP server. The client-server traffic is carried over the Internet via SSL sessions set up between the remote machine’s Web browser and the Array SP device.

This feature is part of the Array SP operating system software, ArrayOS 6.0 that also includes a function called Web resource mapping. This enables customers to access corporate intranet servers remotely over the Internet. The Array SP resolves the private IP address of the intranet server with a public address being accessed remotely. This feature makes it unnecessary to alter Intranet hardware and software in order to grant access to it from remote locations.

Array OS 6.0 enables Array SP to appear as if it is facilitating access to separate groups of servers. So different groups of remote access users could be granted access to servers for different corporate departments, using separate authentication.

Version 6.0 supports authentication of remote users with ActivCard smart cards and allows administrators to configure access control lists for the device using Microsoft’s Active Directory management tools. Alternatively, the device can be managed using a new command line interface that is accessible via SSH.

Array OS 6.0 is available this month. It will ship with Array SP-C, which costs $15,000, plus per user license fees. It also ships with Array SP, which costs $50,000 and supports 50,000 users with no per-user license fees.