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MCI (not WorldCom) has the right plan

May 05, 20032 mins
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* MCI (not WorldCom) has the right plan * Interop still has plenty of life in it * Where messaging is key * The case for complexity

MCI (not WorldCom) has the right plan

Both Tom Nolle and Johna Till Johnson this week take a close look at MCI’s plan for dropping its tainted WorldCom roots and clawing its way toward prosperity. Can the service provider pull it off? See what our writers have to say.

Nolle’s Reality Check

Johnson’s Eye on the Carriers

Interop still has plenty of life in it

Don’t write off the NetWorld+Interop trade show just yet. Editor-in-Chief John Dix explains that last week’s exhibition may have been smaller than in recent years – yes, much smaller – but it was still quite vital.

Where messaging is key

In the world of operating system marketing, this week’s winner is Microsoft and this week’s loser is Novell. Novell’s CEO contradicted himself, while Microsoft’s CEO managed to avoid doing a monkey boy dance, says Dave Kearns.

The case for complexity

Security is something that shouldn’t be simple. If it’s too simple, it’s too easy to break. Network World Events Editor Sandra Gittlen gives a preview of our Security Technology Tour that promises to help you embrace complexity in your network’s security systems.