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SCO turns a profit, helped by licensing program

May 28, 20032 mins

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SCO turns a profit, helped by licensing program, 05/28/03

The SCO Group reported a profit in its second fiscal quarter thanks in part to its recently launched initiative to more aggressively collect licensing fees for its Unix operating system software.

Novell hits back at SCO on Unix claims, 05/28/03

Novell is taking The SCO Group to task over the latter’s legal claims over Unix and against Linux software.

Report: Jury rules against eBay in patent case, 05/28/03

EBay has been ordered to pay $35 million in damages after the jury in a federal district court in Virginia found it had infringed two patents held by MercExchange LLC, according to a report in Wednesday’s online edition of the Wall Street Journal.

Time seen running out on Equipe, 05/27/03

Beset by lack of demand for and revenue from its ATM/MPLS core switches, observers say the sun is setting on four-year-old, privately held Equipe Communications.

DOJ won’t intervene in states’ ongoing Microsoft case, 05/27/03

The Department of Justice has notified an appeals court that it won’t intervene in a continuing antitrust case two states …

Report: Case thinking AOL spinoff not a bad idea, 05/27/03

Spinning off the America Online Internet division from AOL Time Warner Inc. (AOLTW) might not be such a bad idea, Steve Case has said to senior company officials, according to a report published Tuesday in The New York Times.

RIM ordered to pay extra damages in patent case, 05/26/03

Research in Motion, the company behind the BlackBerry wireless e-mail device, was ordered to pay almost $9 million in …

AT&T Wireless CEO: Focus on profits, not new services, 05/22/03

The challenge facing companies in the wireless technology industry is to stop talking about whiz-bang future offerings and start generating cash, AT&T Wireless chairman and CEO John Zeglis said Thursday during a keynote presentation opening the Global Wireless Summit conference in New York.