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Macromedia ships Flash Media Server 2.0

Nov 16, 20051 min
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Macromedia yesterday began shipping Flash Media Server 2.0 (formerly Flash Communication Server) featuring new QoS capabilities and the ability to automatically detect which player version is connecting to the server and dishing out the properly formatted content. The first service provider to fully roll out the new platform is Limelight Networks, which wants to take advantage of the new Edge/Origin capabilities in the server. “Edge/Origin lets us at wire speed grab the content from origin and deliver from the edge,” says Mike Sawyer, vice president of marketing for Limelight Networks, adding that the company runs its own media grade backbone network. Hopefully, Network World’s streaming provider rolls out Flash Media Server 2.0 soon so we can take advantage of the new QoS features and offer higher bitrate video to those that can accept it.