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Sorenson Squeeze 4.3 features iPod settings

Jan 11, 20061 min
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Sorenson Media yesterday released a new update to its versatile Squeeze Compression Suite. Version 4.3 press release touts a number of new enhancements surrounding Flash video encoding, but what I found more interesting is the two new MPEG-4 presets for creating video for the iPod – a high (900bps) and low (362kbs) settings that both feature 320×240 resolution video. Ironically, I just used settings I found here to create a test version of one of our Hot Seat videos for the iPod using version Squeeze 4.2. My settings weren’t that far off from the “low” preset in version 4.3. If you’ve got a video-capable iPod (or any player/device that supports MPEG-4) you can .

Other highlights from version 4.3: A new standalone, cross-platform player for viewing FLV (Flash Video) files and the ability to add cue points and metadata to your FLV, making it more search engine friendly. For those that already have a 4.0 product, the 4.3 update is free. If you’re looking for a new, easy to use encode suite, the $499 price tag for Sorenson Squeeze Compression Suite is worth every penny.