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Working without a net

Apr 10, 20061 min
Enterprise ApplicationsVideo

An alternate title for this post could be: “Why you shouldn’t assume – example 2,279,724”. Last week, Keith Shaw and I were at CTIA filming segments for the Cool Tools video show. Our IS department had just upgraded my laptop to Windows XP so I could edit on the road with Adobe Premiere. Well, I tested all the individual parts before I left for Las Vegas, but not the actual process of capturing video from the DV camera. Turns out, my system couldn’t keep up (or there was a problem in the PCMCIA FireWire card or FireWire cable.) Either way, I wasn’t getting what I needed to edit, so we were up You-Know-What Creek without a paddle. Thankfully, I am back in the office now with the Big Dell desktop, which captures oh so nicely. Dell is supposed to be sending us one of its new M90 mobile workstations to test out – wish I had it last week!