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SolarWinds launches overarching management, monitoring for hybrid cloud

Apr 21, 20222 mins
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Hybrid Cloud Observability pulls together siloed monitoring and management tools on a single interface.

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IT management software provider SolarWinds has launched Hybrid Cloud Observability to help organizations address issues across cloud and hybrid environments.

The software and services package can monitor network performance, servers and applications; analyze logs; manage IP addresses; track user devices; and manage network quality to support real-time IP applications including VoIP and video, the company says.

With all these capabilities brought together on a common interface, Hybrid Cloud Observability can simplify optimizing performance, improving availability, and reducing the time to fix problems it spots, the company says.

Security benefits

Hybrid Cloud Observability can provide cloud-security including identifying vulnerabilities and flagging them to security teams. As part of this process, the platform taps the National Vulnerability Database to inform what flaws to look for. The software can also check whether device configurations comply with best practices. “The solution also provides the ability to push firmware out in bulk once you’ve identified which devices are vulnerable,” says SolarWinds Group Vice President Brandon Shopp.

“We also have capabilities around flow analysis,” he says. “This provides a way to analyze what traffic is doing, giving an X-ray vision of what’s going on, looking for abnormal or anomalous traffic patterns or behaviors.”

The company says Hybrid Cloud Observability is designed to make useful input gathered by siloed monitoring and management tools more accessible with less manual effort. “The level of IT complexity organizations face is growing at an unprecedented scale due to tool sprawl, rising costs, security threats, and siloed operations,” said Rohini Kasturi, chief product officer, SolarWinds, in a press release. “Customers have told us clearly, they need help to meet today’s challenges and reduce operational noise so their teams can scale to address a broad range of business needs faster, maximize budget outcomes, and drive business results.”

Hybrid Cloud Observability is available for free 30-day trials, and after that is sold in two tiers at $5 and $9 per node per month.

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