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Nvidia teams with Accenture and ServiceNow for AI program

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Aug 07, 20232 mins
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AI Lighthouse combines ServiceNow's enterprise automation platform and engine, Nvidia's AI supercomputing and software resources, and Accenture's consulting and deployment services. 

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An interesting alliance has been struck, with Nvidia partnering with IT consultancy Accenture and helpdesk vendor ServiceNow to offer what the vendors are calling the AI Lighthouse, a program designed to help ServiceNow customers quickly adopt generative AI tools.

The IT service management and customer service markets seem a natural fit for generative AI. When customers or employees need help with something, that’s where generative AI can shine.

AI Lighthouse is designed to allow ServiceNow customers to build and deploy custom generative AI large language models (LLM) and applications to advance their business goals.

Nvidia brings the AI hardware and software resources, and Accenture brings the IT talent and consulting experience to deploy the technology on ServiceNow’s enterprise automation platform and engine.

ServiceNow already offers various AI tools to its customers, such as software that uses natural language processing (NLP) to answer user questions 24/7 through chat bots, as well as a no-code method for creating and deploying new language models.

Nvidia brings its DGX AI supercomputers and DGX Cloud platforms to the table, along with its NeMo software, which it says will provide AI Lighthouse users with “full‑stack computing for model training and tuning,” while Accenture will leverage its deep functional and industry knowledge and generative AI strategy. The company recently committed $3 billion in investment money to AI.

The goal of the AI Lighthouse program is to:

  • Reduce tedious manual work for customer service professionals by helping them solve problems faster.
  • Deflect cases by promoting self-service options by using natural human language to solve the problems.
  • Generate content automatically, such as search results, work notes, and knowledge base articles.
  • Boost developer productivity with intelligent recommendations for code.

“This is a transformational moment for business to revolutionize how work gets done,” said ServiceNow chairman and CEO Bill McDermott in a statement. “We expect the AI Lighthouse customer program to inspire breakthrough ideas with massive ROI: ‘return on intelligence.’”

The services are available now.

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