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Bernd Harzog

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    Bernd Harzog is the Chief Product and Strategy Officer of OpsDataStore. Bernd is responsible for the strategy, execution and financing activities of the company. Bernd founded OpsDataStore because every customer that he spoke to still had horrible service quality and capacity utilization problems, despite a massive investment in either purchased or homegrown tools. The core strategic principle underlying OpsDataStore is the belief that the pace and diversity of innovation is so high that no single vendor can possible keep up, and that therefore a best of breed ecosystem, anchored by a common high-speed big data back-end is the only viable solution to modern management problems.

    Prior to founding OpsDataStore Bernd Harzog was the CEO and founder of APM Experts. APM Experts provided strategy consulting services to the leading vendors in the modern management software industry, and also provided monitoring strategy services to global enterprises.

    Bernd's experience also includes CEO of RTO Software, Inc., whose products addressed capacity utilization issues in Citrix Presentation Server and XenApp environments, Founding VP of Products at Netuitive the first vendor of automated self-learning performance analytics, a General Manager at XcelleNet and a Research Director for the Gartner Group focusing upon the Windows Server Operating family of products.

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