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Ciaran Roche

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    Ciaran Roche is the co-founder and CTO of Coevolve. Ciaran has worked in a range of technology leadership roles in Europe and the US. He started his career in the networking industry working in London, UK for Virtual Access, one of the first ‘software-defined’ networking companies before that phrase even existed. The company built a range of edge routers and a central orchestrator platform for configuration management. Ciaran was responsible for managing trials and demonstrations for customers and prospects all across Europe and North America.

    In 2002 Ciaran joined Vanco, the pioneer of the Virtual Network Operator model, just as IP-based networks were starting to take over from legacy Frame Relay / ATM / X.25 on a large scale. With a strong background in Internet and MPLS technology, Ciaran developed the technical solutions for some of Vanco’s largest new customers including a 1,200 site network for Avis Europe, a large VPN solution for British Airways and complex solutions for Siemens and SGS. Ciaran moved to the US in 2005, and led projects for major clients including Ernst & Young (now EY), Pfizer and Wyeth.

    In 2012, Ciaran joined Pace Harmon, a boutique management consulting firm specializing in IT strategy and transformation projects for major global businesses. Ciaran led a number of significant projects for large clients including Molson Coors, Capital One Bank, CSC and several of the largest technology and media companies in the world.

    As the CTO of Coevolve, Ciaran brings over 15 years of experience that spans many technologies and geographies. Ciaran has presented to, and worked with major enterprise CIOs and CFOs to deliver effective, high quality networking and cloud-based solutions. Ciaran is based in Chicago, Illinois.

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