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Jeff Cotrupe

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    Jeff Cotrupe has launched and sold 20 products, driven hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and funding, and worked for or with five startups. He is responsible for putting $10 million company CommTech on the map, and within three years ADC acquired it for $185.5 million (18x+). He helped Visionael crack key verticals with wins at Comcast and The Pentagon, and raised $30 million in funding. Jeff holds a director-level role with Stratecast/Frost & Sullivan and previously held similar roles with Gartner and ADC (now TE Connectivity).

    Jeff leverages his expertise in big data and analytics to enhance business operations and results. He serves as an analyst, thought leader, player/coach, team player and revenue generator. His core disciplines include product marketing and management, competitive intelligence, sales enablement, business development, digital marketing and strategy. Jeff's technology expertise includes big data, analytics, BI, CX, IoT, AI, privacy, retail, ecommerce, location, APM, NoSQL and vi.z.

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