Cisco Content Delivery System open to attack

Company issues security advisory on caching, streaming application

Cisco this week issued another security advisory, this time on its Content Delivery System. The product's Internet Streamer application has a vulnerability that could allow an attacker to read files arbitrarily on the device.

An unauthenticated attacker could exploit this vulnerability to access password files and system logs, the advisory states.

The Internet Streamer application provides edge caching, content streaming, and downloads to subscriber IP devices such as PCs. Specifically, Cisco says the application contains a "director traversal" vulnerability on its web server that allows for arbitrary file access. An attacker may be able to read these files, outside of the web server document directory, through a specially crafted URL.

This vulnerability can be exploited over all open HTTP ports, including TCP ports 80, 443 and 8090, as well as those configured as part of the HTTP proxy, the advisory states.

The vulnerability was reported to Cisco by carrier BT. Cisco says it is issuing free software to mitigate the problem, and that there are also workarounds to bypass it.

All versions of system software on the Internet Streamer application are vulnerable, the advisory says. Cisco says it is not aware of any malicious use of the vulnerability.

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