First Look: NetBeez net management tool creates a buzz

data center analysis troubleshooting

In our testing, we found NetBeez to be an easy-to-use product for network managers primarily interested in early fault detection and quick troubleshooting of complex wide area networks. While NetBeez does little to provide application performance analysis, it covers the network layers very well.

Managers looking for long-term performance analysis, service-level agreement reporting, and capacity planning tools will not be as satisfied with NetBeez, due to weak reporting and performance visualization capabilities. Where the focus is on identifying and solving problems, NetBeez hits the mark with economy, simplicity and ease of deployment.

The NetBeez system has two main components: agents and a dashboard. Agents are small, inexpensive appliances that perform nearly continuous testing on your network infrastructure. Agents play the role of clients, and they run network tests to your existing servers. There are three main form factors for agents: small hardware appliances (about 2-inch x 3.5-inch x 1-inch) with either wired or wireless connections, a virtual machine for you to run on your own virtualization infrastructure, or a cloud-based appliance running on NetBeez’ infrastructure for answering the question, “How’s our network look out there?”

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