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Cisco product flaws affect security of VoIP gear, routers

Jan 20, 20062 mins

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Cisco product flaws affect security of VoIP gear, routers, 01/19/06

A triad of Cisco product vulnerabilities could cause problems for users of the company’s IP PBXs and certain routers, Cisco warned this week.

Back-up software sees exploit, patches, 01/19/06

EMC has issued patches for security problems with its data back-up software, while exploit code has been released targeting a flaw in back-up software from Veritas that the company patched last year.

FBI: Security improving but threats rising, 01/20/06

Despite improving security, organizations in the U.S. are facing a barrage of electronic assaults, ranging from nuisances such as spyware and viruses through sophisticated hacking attempts staged outside the country, the FBI reported in its 2005 FBI Computer Crime Survey.

VPNs take on secure remote access role, 01/19/06

As remote access to business networks increases and as threats against these networks grow, IT executives need to support technology that is flexible and that can effectively combat ever-evolving attacks.

Clearswift upgrades MIMEsweeper for e-mail security, 01/18/06

Clearswift on Tuesday announced an upgrade to its MIMEsweeper for SMTP gateway software that includes new message tracking features and protects against e-mail address spoofing and directory harvest attacks.

Microsoft downplays Windows Wi-Fi ‘anomaly’, 01/18/06

A design flaw in Windows XP and Windows 2003 systems with built-in wireless capabilities could be exploited by hackers to lure Wi-Fi users into connecting to malicious wireless networks, according to Microsoft, which recently completed an …

Weblog: Keeping an eye on employees, 01/18/06

United Kingdom-based insurance and pension corporation Royal London says it’s going to deploy the 3ami Network Security monitoring and auditing system to keep track of everything its 2,900 employees do at their desktops every day. Royal London’s group …

Newsletter: Security database updated, 01/17/06

The database and reports are useful for anyone needing quick access to examples of particular security issues; applications can include preparation of theses, articles, lectures, or student homework assignments.