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Red Hat, SuSE patch critical KDE security hole

Jan 23, 20064 mins

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Red Hat, SuSE patch critical KDE security hole, 01/23/06

Red Hat and SuSE have released patches for a critical security hole in their Linux distributions that stem from a vulnerability in the KDE desktop environment.

Nyxem worm programmed to overwrite data files on Feb. 3, 01/23/06

Anti-virus vendors are warning of a rapidly-spreading worm that is carrying a potentially destructive set of instructions. The Nyxem worm – also nicknamed the Kama Sutra worm – is programmed to overwrite all of the files on computers it infects on Feb., 3.

New Trojan horses threaten cell phones, 01/23/06

Three new malicious programs are hitting certain mobile phones, anti-virus companies have warned. The Trojan horses, or programs that are disguised as legitimate applications, spread via Bluetooth or multimedia messages and can affect phones running …

F-Secure patches anti-virus software, 01/20/06

Anti-virus software vendor F-Secure issued a patch for a wide range of its products Thursday after a security researcher in Luxembourg reported vulnerabilities to the company.

Securing remote-access networks, 01/23/06

As remote access to business networks increases and as threats against these networks grow, IT executives need to support technology that is flexible and that can combat evolving attacks effectively.

BigFix adds security to patch product, 01/23/06

Patch-management vendor BigFix last week unveiled software for servers and desktops to let customers perform a range of security tasks, including asset discovery and policy-based access control and endpoint security.

Terrorist support or mere fraud?, 01/23/06

One of the last vestiges of critical infrastructure protection is apparently being scaled and destroyed. Companies are violating every common-sense security premise I have ever known, cracking (illegally or not) the people component of security, in …

Consortium helps define Web application firewalls, 01/23/06

“Web application firewall” is a simple term, but understanding what it means is proving so difficult for customers that an industry consortium is publishing advice on how to make a choice among the many devices that fall into this category.

Nokia seeks patent for mobile emergency feature, 01/23/06

Women, children, millionaires and just about anyone worried about being assaulted or abducted should be interested in a new mobile phone emergency feature being developed Nokia.

Symantec updates security service, 01/23/06

Symantec has updated its DeepSight Threat Management System, making the online security service less expensive and, the company says, easier to use.

Bulgaria arrests eight for phishing operation, 01/23/06

Authorities in Bulgaria last week arrested eight people who allegedly stole financial information using a variety of fake Web pages carrying Microsoft logos, netting the group at least $50,000.

Protecting e-mail, 01/23/06

Businesses adopt advanced security methods.

Extending perimeter defense to the application layer, 01/23/06

I am the biggest defense-in-depth supporter there is, but deep defenses don’t obviate the need to protect the perimeter. This year, we’re going to see a lot of action from security vendors trying to provide better and stronger defenses at the border …

IronPort adds Web reputation service to SenderBase, 01/23/06

IronPort this week is expected to release a new component to its SenderBase reputation service for e-mail that rates the threat level of Web sites and blocks incoming messages with embedded URLs that are deemed dangerous.

The case of the sneaky daughter and the wireless card, 01/23/06

My 16 year old daughter has wireless Internet access with her notebook computer. My wife and I control the signal by putting the modem on a timer, thus not allowing her to access the Internet after 12:00 am. She’s a high-school student and we want her …

How phone records are stolen, 01/23/06

There was no mistaking that this story had hit the fan after my interview with security consultant Rob Douglas was interrupted by another call on his second line from the office of U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.). (I don’t mind noting that Douglas told …

Google being dragged in some unwanted directions: ‘Net neutrality at issue, 01/20/06

As hype envelopes Google the company can’t seem to avoid begin dragged into one rumor or controversy after another.

Lunch in the Microsoft cafeteria, 01/20/06

While much has been made of Microsoft’s adoption of public-key-infrastructure (PKI) smart cards following a hacker break-in a number of years back, Microsoft has found that the chip-based cards are good for more than just an identity check.