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Call centers start to embrace ‘homeshoring’

Jan 25, 20064 mins

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Call centers start to embrace ‘homeshoring’, 01/30/06

When they’re not on the road for a service call, but they are on the clock, field technicians for Aspect Software pitch in handling customer calls that require technical expertise. They can take calls from their homes or satellite offices. Either way …

The future of business communications, 01/25/06

The future of business communications looks less and less like a strict division between voice and data and more like a collection of communications components that can be blended with business applications as needed, according to opening day keynote …

Lucent reports loss of $104 million on revenue of $2 billion, 01/24/06

Lucent reported a net loss of $104 million for the quarter ended Dec. 31, 2005, with revenue from products and services both down from a year earlier.

VoIP vulnerability may be over-hyped, analyst says, 01/24/06

The surfacing of a pair of flaws in Cisco’s CallManager IP telephony servers last week raises the hot-button issue of how to secure enterprise VoIP networks from attacks. But one industry expert says the threat of an attacker or virus taking down a …

Opinion: Apple, Skype and the value of standards, 01/23/06

I expect that both the mind share and market share of Apple music players and Skype VoIP will have to drop significantly before either adopts standards-based solutions. Regulations, such as the French legislation requiring that downloaded music be …

Internet Telephony show focuses on open source, 01/23/06

Expect open source VoIP gear to make a splash as the Internet Telephony East Conference and Expo opens its doors this week in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Wider Net: Collectors of old phone systems hook up with VoIP, 01/23/06

What began as a conversation on the TCI mailing list in the fall of 2004 culminated a few months later in the Collectors’ Network, a working VoIP system linking TCI members that uses the old gear stored in their basements, barns and garages.

Verizon Business launches with new wireless services, 01/23/06

Verizon on Monday launched a new division that markets telecommunication services to large businesses across the U.S., including a new integrated wireline and wireless package available to large organizations.

Weblog: Kung POE, 01/20/06

The IEEE is working on a way to boost the power in power over Ethernet and to fine-tune how much power a switch can send to any given device. While it’s not a requirement, power over Ethernet is a big boon for VoIP because it eliminates the need to …

Weblog: Cisco VoIP gear needs fixes, 01/20/06

Cisco Call Managers are vulnerable to denial of service attacks under certain circumstances, so anyone with the gear should check whether their configuration falls into the danger zone. The threat applies only to certain versions of Call Manager software, Cisco’s IP PBX, so customers …

Small Business Technology Newsletter: Skype conferencing upgrade, 01/19/06

Last September I talked about how businesses use Skype for free teleconferencing in “Another IM-VoIP Advantage.” Limitations in Skype conferencing include a maximum of …

Cisco product flaws affect security of VoIP gear, routers, 01/19/06

A triad of Cisco product vulnerabilities could cause problems for users of the company’s IP PBXs and certain routers, Cisco warned this week.

Convergence Newsletter: Telecommuters: Are you paying your ISP for business or residential use?, 01/18/06

One the most powerful drivers behind convergence is “mobility.” In fact, in the soon-to-be-released “Webtorials State-of-the-Market 2005/2006 …

New legislation would prohibit sale of phone logs, 01/18/06

Responding to recent concerns over Web sites that sell telephone call logs, a U.S. senator has introduced legislation that would make the sale of telephone records illegal.

SOHO Life Newsletter: Readers tout VoIP’s benefits..and drawbacks, 01/18/06

Readers have chimed in loud and clear about my recent piece questioning whether VoIP was ready for prime time. Some say I should dive right in and use VoIP …

Consumer groups push for net neutrality rules, 01/18/06

Three consumer groups repeated their calls for a U.S. law to prevent broadband providers from blocking or slowing customer access to some Internet content by saying the public wants government protection.