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Corrent releases a multi-function security box for Microsoft environments

Feb 09, 20062 mins
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* Corrent SR325 runs Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration

Corrent has come out with a security appliance running Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration server software. This effectively makes the appliance a multi-function security box that supports VPN tunnels, a firewall, intrusion detection and anti-virus for SMTP e-mail filtering.

Called the SR325, the device includes Corrent security processors that boost the capacity of the device higher than standard server hardware. The company says it can deliver 1.5Gbps firewall throughput. The device also has separate acceleration cards for handling VPN encryption and decryption, a load that might otherwise slow down the firewall. Top VPN speed on the device is 700Mbps.

The firewall also performs deep packet inspection so Internet traffic coming through open ports can be checked for malicious content that network layer inspection would not detect.

The SR325 also includes intelligent interface cards that can throttle down bandwidth for suspected denial-of-service attacks to preserve bandwidth for essential applications and management traffic. That prevents the firewall from becoming overwhelmed until an administrator reconfigures it to block the attack.

Corrent makes two smaller appliances that support ISA server called SR125 and SR225. The company specializes in making high performance security hardware and has agreements with other software companies to sell the appliances with their software. For example, the company makes appliances that support Check Point’s Connectra SSL VPN software.

Pricing for the SR325 starts at $13,000. Customers with extensive Microsoft environments or that already use ISA server on slower hardware may want to consider one of these devices.