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Spammer pleads guilty

Feb 03, 20061 min

Latest anti-spam news.

Spammer pleads guilty, 02/01/06

A California man accused of managing the computer system used to send hundreds of thousands of pornography-related e-mail messages has pleaded guilty to violating a U.S. anti-spam law.

Symantec’s consumer business declines 10%, 01/31/06

With revenue from its consumer business in decline, Symantec reported earnings on Tuesday that fell short of analyst expectations. Excluding certain expenses, the company reported net income of $282 million, or $0.22 per share, for the quarter ended …

Spyware sharing and analysis group planned, 01/30/06

Security vendors that have long shared virus samples and specimens to identify them in a common way now say they want to try and apply similar procedures to spyware, which could run the gamut from malicious keyloggers to controversial adware.