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The many causes for data breaches

Feb 08, 20062 mins

Latest security news.

Security Weblog: The many causes for data breaches, 02/07/06

The recent spate of reported data breaches in which confidential data, such as medical or financial information, is either stolen or just simply revealed by mistake, shows the many ways things go terribly wrong. Take the unfortunate case of the Boston …

Symantec sees future in online protection services, 02/07/06

Though the technology may still be in the lab, Symantec says its plans for the future include the delivery of online protection services that prevent phishing and identity theft while also warning about spyware-infested Web sites.

Honeywell blames ex-employee in data leak, 02/07/06

Honeywell says a former employee has disclosed sensitive information relating to 19,000 of the company’s U.S. employees.

Microsoft OneCare PC maintenance service coming in June, 02/07/06

Microsoft will launch its Windows OneCare Live PC maintenance service in June, the company said Tuesday. The product, which has been available for free in beta since November, will be sold for $49.95 per year, and certain beta users will be able to …

Cisco confirms VPN vulnerability, 02/07/06

A vulnerability located for Cisco’s 3000-series VPN concentrators running WebVPN appears to extend to all versions of the product, according to a security researcher who has been following the situation. Cisco on Tuesday acknowledged the problem and …