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Cisco launches security mgmt. platform

Feb 13, 20064 mins

Latest security news.

Cisco launches security mgmt. platform, 02/13/06

Cisco this week at the RSA Conference is expected to roll out a security management platform that lets users define policies via a graphic interface, then distribute them to network devices that will enforce them.

Symantec sees future in online protection services, 02/13/06

Symantec says it plan to include the delivery of online protection services that prevent phishing and identity theft while also warning customers about spyware-infested Web sites.

Face-off: Yes, ‘security in the cloud’ is the way to go, 02/13/06

Brad Miller, CEO of Perimeter Internetworking, argues in favor of ‘security in the cloud.’

Face-off: ‘Security in the cloud’ is not the way to go, 02/13/06

Bruce Schneier, CTO of Counterpane Internet Security, argues that security in the cloud should not replace more-traditional network and desktop security.

Warrant or no warrant, 02/13/06

The current controversy involving the National Security Agency relates to cases in which domestic eavesdropping is done without a warrant.

Tools address security concerns, 02/13/06

Faced with regulatory compliance requirements and grueling audits, network managers are turning increasingly to security-event management systems to detect when policies have been breached.

Anti-virus vendors target network-access control, 02/13/06

McAfee, Symantec unveil dueling network-access control products.

An iPod as a legislative force, 02/13/06

Sen. Ted Stevens’ experience with his new iPod clearly sensitized him to the user end of this discussion on the broadcast flag, and that may make a real difference in the outcome. That is good news for consumers and maybe not so good news for the RIAA.

NetScanTools Pro: A networking Swiss Army knife, 02/13/06

NSTP is remarkable. In one interface you get network setup and configuration exploration functions, security testing services, information-gathering tools, and network and service diagnostics. Northwest positions the software for general network …

‘Certified e-mail’ plans draw mixed reactions, 02/13/06

While the giant e-mail providers battle against spammers and Internet scammers, stealth-mode start-ups and other small vendors are gearing up, hoping to ignite the newest fight against malicious use of e-mail and the Internet.

Security titans ready for showdown at RSA, 02/13/06

Network-access control and security-policy enforcement are expected to grab much of the limelight at this week’s RSA Conference 2006, which organizers estimate will draw 14,000 attendees and more than 300 exhibitors.

How do the feds tap phone lines?, 02/13/06

Senate hearings in Washington last week focused on whether the National Security Agency needs a warrant before it conducts domestic surveillance, but from a technology perspective, the lawful wiretap process is pretty straightforward.

Sony Ericsson phones vulnerable to DoS attacks, 02/10/06

If you use a Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications mobile phone, you may want to disable the Bluetooth function, the French Security Incident Response Team warned this week, saying a security vulnerability potentially puts the phones at risk to a denial …

DHS completes large-scale cyber attack simulation, 02/10/06

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has completed the first full-scale government-led cyber attack simulation, and officials there called the exercise a “significant milestone.”

Symantec moving ahead with database appliance, 02/10/06

After beta testing its “Big Brother” database appliance with a handful of customers, Symantec is moving ahead with plans to bring the device to market. The company is also toying with the idea of selling the appliance’s monitoring technology as a …

VeriSign service aims to curb ID theft, 02/10/06

VeriSign is rolling out a new beta service for financial institutions to help protect online bankers against the growing threat of identity theft, officials said Thursday.

F-Secure anti-virus software added to more Nokia smartphones, 02/10/06

Anti-virus software from F-Secure will be available for four devices based on Nokia’s S60 3rd edition platform.

Weblog: RSA Conference 2006, the twilight zone, 02/10/06

It’s time again for yet another annual RSA Conference 2006, the 15th one. And as someone who has been to most of them, I can tell you not only do the sessions tend to be worthwhile, they also have the most intriguing — if not downright bizarre — …

NTT develops secure instant messaging system, 02/10/06

Engineers at NTT Communications have developed a secure instant messaging system that supports logging and archiving of messages to satisfy compliance regulations and can interact with some third-party IM networks.

Hotel chain uses Imperva to guard against SSL attacks, 02/10/06

What kept Harvey Ewing, IT security director at Accor North America, up at night was not a lack of Internet security but, ironically, a wealth of it.

Trend Micro reports record sales, profits for 2005, 02/10/06

Sales and profits at Trend Micro reached record levels in 2005 despite the company incurring millions of dollars in costs after releasing a faulty update to its anti-virus software early in the year.