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Sophos unveils e-mail security appliance

Feb 17, 20061 min

Latest anti-spam news.

Sophos unveils e-mail security appliance, 02/14/06

Sophos, which has long offered its anti-virus and anti-spam software for resale with a number of e-mail security appliance makers’ wares, is now getting into the business itself.

Messaging Newsletter: AOL, Yahoo gear up to charge e-mail ‘postage’, 02/14/06

The average postal customer receives perhaps 150-pounds of junk e-mail every year. The reason that it’s not thousands of pounds of junk mail is simple …

‘Certified e-mail’ plans draw mixed reactions, 02/13/06

While the giant e-mail providers battle against spammers and Internet scammers, stealth-mode start-ups and other small vendors are gearing up, hoping to ignite the newest fight against malicious use of e-mail and the Internet.