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Microsoft hit with fresh complaint over Office

Feb 22, 20063 mins

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Microsoft hit with fresh complaint over Office, 02/22/06

Some of Microsoft’s biggest rivals Wednesday lodged a new complaint with the European Commission over its Office applications suite and other, upcoming products, arguing that the company’s business practices are shutting out competitors.

Tackling telecom policy, 02/20/06

New FCC commissioner Robert McDowell is a more important guy than it might first appear, because he’ll serve as the swing vote on a number of critical regulatory and policy issues the FCC plans on addressing in upcoming months. A few examples …

Father knows best about net neutrality, 02/20/06

Testifying at a Feb. 7 Senate Commerce committee hearing, Google’s Vint Cerf asked senators not to let the phone companies mess up the Internet’s architectural model.

China’s MII readies new regulations to fight spam, 02/22/06

China’s Ministry of Information Industry (MII) will soon release a set of rules meant to strengthen the country’s fight against unsolicited e-mail, or spam, a ministry spokesman said Wednesday.

Wikipedia founder expects block to be lifted in China, 02/22/06

Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, expects Chinese censors to eventually end their effort to block access to the online encyclopedia, according to the Wikipedia Signpost, an online newspaper put together by the Wikipedia community.

Europe approves powerline communications spec, 02/22/06

Efforts to use electricity cables to transmit data took a step forward in Europe with the publication of an open specification for power line communications.

Analysis: Fight brewing in Congress over Internet neutrality, 02/21/06

Someday soon, your broadband provider may allow you to get faster results on one search engine, while your favorite search site is slower.

High-definition movie players get green light with copy agreement, 02/21/06

Completion of a new copy protection system to be employed on high-definition video discs has been held up while a way for consumers to make copies of movies is hammered out.

Government updates national health network plans, focuses on implementation concerns, 02/20/06

Amid privacy, security and technological concerns, healthcare IT professionals got a progress report on the status of the Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN) which seeks to improve patient care and reduce medical errors in implementing electronic health records systems.

OASIS approves WS-Security 1.1 standard, 02/15/06

OASIS approved WS-Security 1.1 as an official standard, establishing a foundation for securing distributed applications and Web services.