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GNOME 2.14 due next month

Feb 27, 20062 mins
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* Countdown to GNOME 2.14 out March 15

The countdown to the next update to the GNOME desktop is on: mark March 15 on your calendar. (Unless, of course, you’re a KDE disciple, or one of those CLI old-school types.) VoIP support, improved security for corporate deployments and several tools for making it easier to search the Web are some of the new features uses can expect in Version 2.14 of GNOME.

One big new feature in the package is a tool called Pessulus, a lockdown editor aimed at IT administrators who have to manage Linux desktop clients for a large group. The tool can be used to limit what end users can do on a Linux machine, such as disabling the ability to log off a machine, turn off distractions such as a CD player, or block access to Linux’s CLI. (This is to prevent curious users from mucking up configuration files, and to stop malicious folks from causing mischief on a Linux PC.)

VoIP support comes in the form of Ekiga, a SIP-based softphone client that also supports instant messaging and buddy list contacts. Video is also supported in the client. Use of Ekiga requires users to register with, which provides access to the SIP servers that set up and connect the messaging streams for the application.

For power-user types, GNOME 2.14 will also include Deskbar, a panel applet that allows for quick access to Google and Yahoo searches, as well as execute command line codes and launch applications. The Python-based applet will also allow for add-on features to be easily developed.

Readership pulse check: are you a GNOME or KDE fan, or a CLI old-school type? I’m interested to hear who’s using what.

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