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ATEN hides away the keyboard-video-mouse

Feb 28, 20062 mins
Data Center

* ATEN launches Hideaway KVM switch

ATEN Technology last week launched a keyboard video mouse (KVM) switch that is rack-mounted in an innovative way.

The KL1116 Hideaway LCD KVM Switch is a 16-port unit that lets the LCD panel remain exposed while the console slides back into the rack. The LCD panel can be seen even when the server rack door is closed.

The KL1116 is a 16-port switch that can manage multiple computers from its console. It comes with either a 15-inch or 17-inch display.

The switch, which integrates the KH0116 device, can be daisy chained to as many as 31 additional KH0116 switches, allowing as many as 512 servers to be controlled.

The KL1116 is housed in a 1U enclosure and has auto-scan support for monitoring specific computers. All computers connected to the KL1116 can also receive broadcast messages from the keyboard of the KL1116.

The switch also has the capability to add or remove computers from the network. Password protection allows only authorized users to access and control computers connected to the switch.

The 15-inch KL1116L is priced at $3,200, and the 17-inch KL1116M costs $3,500.

The KL1116 Hideaway LCD KVM Switch launch follows the announcement in December of ATEN’s Slideway modules.

ATEN competes with Avocent and Raritan.