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AirMagnet upgrades wireless LAN sensors

Feb 27, 20062 mins

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AirMagnet upgrades wireless LAN sensors, 02/27/06

The latest version of AirMagnet’s wireless intrusion-prevention product includes a new breed of radio sensors, and the ability to monitor and identify other kinds of radio activity, not just 802.11 packets.

Opinion: The Great Firewall of China, 02/27/06

China is an essential business market. It seems to me that the U.S. government should be looking for ways to help foster fair trade and good business practices so that our companies can compete fairly. As for the charges of human rights violations, …

Cool Tools: Kyocera KR1 Mobile Router provides instant broadband wireless access for multiple users, 02/27/06

The KR1 Mobile Router looks like an ordinary wireless LAN router, until you notice that there’s no WAN Ethernet port on the back.

Routers Weblog: Nortel will try harder, 02/24/06

Competing in a market with a dominant number-one vendor can be no fun. But Nortel will attempt to recast itself as the top alternative to market-leader Cisco in enterprise switching and routing, the company’s new CEO said recently. “There’s very …

High-Speed LANs Newsletter: Tolly Group compares Nortel switches to competitors, 02/23/06

Nortel recently commissioned the Tolly Group to size up the Layer 2 switching performance and resiliency of its Ethernet Routing Switch 5000 series of …

Edge Newsletter: Avici throws in the towel, 02/23/06

Looks like Avici has finally thrown in the towel.

Routers Weblog: Cisco tricks out 6500 for metro, 02/22/06

Cisco this week released a modified version of its Catalyst 6500 for the metro Ethernet market. The Cisco ME 6500 is built on the enterprise switch’s hardware, but adds specialized features, letting carriers carve up and manage Ethernet bandwidth. …

High-Speed LANs Newsletter: PoE Plus moving forward, 02/21/06

A year ago I highlighted the efforts of the IEEE to increase the electrical power available to devices over Ethernet. At that point the effort was only at the “study …

Edge Newsletter: Analysts: Juniper has work to do, 02/21/06

Juniper emphasized its laser-like focus as a core component of its success over the past 10 years – but attendees of its annual Analyst Day say it may have to …

Routers Weblog: Switch/blade options, 02/21/06

It is clear that the popularity in blade servers is being driven by the promise of reduced management and equipment costs that come with server consolidation. What’s less clear is the best way to network a chassis full of server blades . “There are …