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Hacked bank server hosts phishing sites

Mar 13, 20064 mins

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Hacked bank server hosts phishing sites, 03/13/06

Criminals appear to have hacked a Chinese bank’s server and are using it to host phishing sites to steal personal data from customers of eBay and a major U.S. bank., according to Internet services company Netcraft.

Opinion: Network issues have changed a lot in 10 years, 03/13/06

How many of you remember what an uphill battle it was to convince your organization to deploy anti-virus software on every device? Remember the old question: “Do we really need that firewall?” Now it’s not if you need security, it’s how much and where …

Opinion: Piggybacking . . . and how to fend off the pigs, 03/13/06

Is wireless piggybacking theft of service or a victimless “crime” of convenience?

RSA Security CEO chats up anti-fraud services, 03/13/06

Cyota with its anti-fraud services for banks is a very different type of business than RSA Security has traditionally been in with its SecurID products for two-factor authentication and the BSAFE encryption toolkits. What made you think of acquiring Cyot

Management Strategies: Security jobs heat up, 03/13/06

Industry observers watching the IT security job market are pointing to up-and-coming areas such as computer forensics and wireless security for the hottest jobs.

How IT security pay stacks up around the globe, 03/13/06

U.S. security professionals tend to be paid more than their foreign counterparts, according to the results of two recent studies.

Face-off: Anomaly detection is the best way to prevent virus, worm attacks, 03/13/06

Network behavior analysis is one of the most robust and scalable security technologies. At the core of network behavior analysis are anomaly-based algorithms used to identify emerging threats.

Face-off: Anomaly detection is not the best way to prevent virus, worm attacks, 03/13/06

Network behavior anomaly detection does not provide a true security solution against viruses and worms.

Sun pairing tools for physical, logical access, 03/13/06

Sun this week plans to add management and other software to its identity platform so that users can converge access to physical and logical resources onto a single smart card.

Winternals software aims to protect desktops, 03/13/06

Winternals last week released software that lets users tighten down desktop security by controlling user administrative rights on an application-by-application basis.

Using high-tech tools to fight e-commerce counterfeiters, 03/13/06

Sometimes it’s easy for Stacy Papachristos to spot a fake, such as a video of a classic WrestleMania match for sale online when World Wrestling Entertainment never released such a product. The source? Counterfeiters and trademark infringers using the …

The spyware roundtable, 03/10/06

New York University’s School of Law next week is hosting two days of discussion about spyware’s social ills as it brings together legal experts, academics, social-policy advocates and techies for its “Workshop on Spyware.” The line-up is a King Arthur …

Credant boosts security for laptops, PDAs and other mobile devices, 03/10/06

A new version of a mobile security application from Credant Technologies can now monitor and control an array of third-party applications on a laptop, PDA or other handheld.

University of Wisconsin invites hackers, 03/10/06

The University of Wisconsin’s campus newspaper, the Badger Herald, yesterday had a story about how a technical service specialist in the department of information technology there invited hackers to try and break into a Mac OS X computer he had …

CEBIT – Security vendors: Windows OneCare won’t cut it, 03/10/06

Security vendors are charging that Microsoft’s pending anti-virus product and upgrades to its next-generation operating system, Windows Vista, won’t be enough to guard against rising threats from viruses and criminal malware.

Free CipherTrust e-mail toolbar searches for spam, 03/10/06

Internet users are about to get a new tool in the fight against spam and fraudulent e-mail. On Monday, security vendor CipherTrust plans to release what it’s billing as the first “reputation toolbar” for e-mail clients.

RSA’s Identity Manager now SAML 2.0 compliant, 03/10/06

RSA Security is readying a new version of its Federated Identity Manager software that will support the latest specification of the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML 2.0) and should help cut down the number of individual user log-ins.