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by Ben Ames and Elizabeth Montalbano

Microsoft offers a few more ‘Origami’ details

Mar 02, 20062 mins
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Despite the buzz being generated by its Origami Project, Microsoft plans to give it only brief mention at the upcoming Cebit trade show, even though that event coincides with when the company has said it will offer more details. The project apparently involves a mobile PC running Windows XP, according to a Web site about it.

The company will discuss Origami for “only 30 seconds” during its main press conference at the Cebit trade show next week in Hanover, Germany, according to a spokesman. Frank Mihm-Gebauer, who is coordinating Microsoft’s press events at Cebit, said Microsoft partners Intel and Samsung will provide the most information to Cebit attendees about Origami, since Microsoft has not designed any new hardware for the project.

In particular, Intel will hold a press conference next Thursday that he said will reveal more details about the project. That coincides with the date listed on a Web site about Origami for its unveiling.

Microsoft has been evasive about sharing details about the device since industry watchers began talking about it last week. The Origami Project now includes this terse description in lines of source code: “Origami Project: the Mobile PC running Windows XP.”

To see the source code, visit Microsoft’s site here, and click on “week 2” at the bottom. Next, right-click anywhere except the flash animation box, and choose “view source.” The new phrase is visible at the top of the page of code.