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IEEE, vendors press forward on speedier wireless LANs

Mar 20, 20062 mins

Latest LAN news.

IEEE, vendors press forward on speedier wireless LANs, 03/20/06

The IEEE has begun accepting comments on the just-adopted 802.11n draft standard for 100-plus Mbps wireless LANs.

High-Speed LANs Newsletter: IEEE looks to advance Ethernet in metro area, 03/16/06

Last week the IEEE held a “call for interest” session on the topic of expanding Ethernet support on passive optical networks. There was much interest …

Chambers: Cisco network smarts mean partner profits, 03/15/06

Cisco’s drive to build more intelligence into networks presents new profit opportunities for its channel partners, Cisco President and CEO John Chambers said Wednesday at the company’s annual partner conference.

High-Speed LANs Newsletter: China seeks standard for WLAN security technology, 03/14/06

The row over Chinese companies’ battle to get their wireless LAN security protocol the blessing of the international community reflects how touchy folks can …

Nortel says it’s not investigating improper conduct, 03/14/06

Nortel clarified Monday that its plans to restate results back to 2003 are not because the company is investigating improper conduct.

Cisco pushes channel toward one-stop shopping, 03/14/06

Cisco will make its certified channel partners broaden their own areas of expertise as the networking vendor itself expands the role of networks, Cisco was set to announce this week at its annual partner conference.

Routers Weblog: Lucent does 100G Ethernet test, 03/13/06

Lucent said its Bell Labs R&D division has transmitted 100Gbps of data over a fiber optic cable — 107Gbps, to be exact. The company says its test sets the table for a next-generation 100G Ethernet standard. Lucent says the Bell Labs test broke a previous …