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Microsoft warns of (another) nasty IE bug

Mar 24, 20062 mins

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Microsoft warns of (another) nasty IE bug, 03/23/06

Microsoft is warning users of its Internet Explorer browser to use caution on the Web, after the disclosure of an unpatched bug that could allow attackers to seize control of a PC running the browser software.

Laptop theft at Fidelity exposes data on HP workers, 03/23/06

Fidelity Investments Thursday confirmed that a laptop containing confidential information on more than 196,000 current and former employees at HP and its acquisitions was recently stolen from the company. The theft may have exposed information …

Attack hits Sun public grid service on day one, 03/23/06

The first day that Sun allowed users to buy access over the Internet to its long-delayed public utility grid, a denial-of-service attack forced the company to take down a service hosted on the grid, the company said on Thursday.

Hackers use Trojan to target bank customers, 03/22/06

Hackers have been quietly infecting hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide with a particularly sophisticated Trojan horse program designed to steal bank account information and other sensitive data from compromised systems, according to security …

Protegrity buys OmniSecure to enhance database security products, 03/23/06

Database security vendor Protegrity has bought OmniSecure, a database security company that can add the ability to protect unstructured data to Protegrity’s list of capabilities.

Hacking your way to a better grade, 03/23/06

There are many motivations for hacking, such as thrills or financial gain, but one that’s gaining ground is high school kids hacking their way into the databases holding their grades in order to change, say, a “C-” to a “B+”. That’s what the Palm …

Advances in fingerprinting could bolster network security, 03/23/06

New technology for matching fingerprints for security purposes is proving about as reliable but much more efficient than traditional techniques, according to a new study by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Organized desktop protection, 03/23/06

Small but growing companies and disorganized larger companies fall into the same trap with desktop security products. One day, someone notices that each computer …

Check Point updates event-correlation software, 03/22/06

Check Point has upgraded its Eventia event-correlation software so it can now include data from Check Point’s own endpoint security platform and from Windows operating systems.